About MCI

Muskoka Cultural Impresarios (MCI) is a partnership founded in 2000 by Gayle Dempsey and Gary Froude. Passionate about preserving, protecting and promoting our natural beauty, rich culture and heritage Gary & Gayle are very supportive of sustainable community and economic development initiatives.

MCI is dedicated to supporting and developing cultural opportunities in Muskoka, including community arts initiatives and arts in education programming and partnerships. MCI is committed to and has significant experience in:

  • Arts and culture programming and events
  • Community animation
  • Festival management
  • Gallery management
  • International cultural exchanges
  • community economic development
  • creating, establishing and maintaining relationships in the cultural, heritage, education, business, tourism and volunteer sectors
  • promoting the educational benefits of the arts to individuals and communities
  • developing and delivering educational artistic programming and opportunities that link the artistic community-at-large with informal and formal educational institutions and business
  • utilizing new and established networks among the artist community to identify and involve interested individuals
  • coordinating, developing and implementing learning/teaching project modules including the provision of opportunities for educators, parents and developing artists.

Our team has significant skills in visioning, research and development, marketing, media relations, fundraising, and coordinating events and projects. Our management business operates from a well staffed and equipped home office.

MCI has representation at the board level of the Arts Council of Muskoka, Muskoka Tourism Marketing Agency, Muskoka Healthy Communities Coalition, Gateway HOMES Muskoka, Muskoka’s Premier Ranked Tourism Initiative, Township of Muskoka Lakes Business Retention and Expansion programs and membership with CulturalConsultants.ca, Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour, Visual Arts Ontario, Muskoka Arts and Crafts, Muskoka Heritage Foundation and Muskoka Lakes Ratepayers Association. We have served on many local, provincial and federal task forces and round tables; participated in many local, national and international conferences on arts, culture and heritage and community development; and, have lead or have had significant participation internationally in conferences and cultural exchanges, both incoming and outgoing, from Scotland, England, Germany, Australia, South Korea, India, the Bahamas and Jamaica.

Research is a significant part of MCI’s work studying successful community economic development models with arts, culture, heritage and education components in North America and abroad.

MCI is committed to supporting arts and culture in Muskoka and to preserving and promoting the region as a culture and heritage tourism destination.